Saturday, April 21, 2018

Data Center Solutions

 eXpert Networks is now Cisco Data Center Certified; DCNI, DCNS (we will have the DCUC certification complete by fall 2009). We have also partnered with: VMware, EMC2, Hitachi and NetApp.

Although our Data Center practice is relatively new, we have built an excellent team and are already establishing ourselves as a go-to Cisco Premier Partner in Southern California for Data Center. Over the next year it is XNI’s goal to become a Cisco Silver Partner and really take our Data Center and Virtualization practice to the next level.

XNI believes in the “Cloud” model and feels Virtualization is one of the “keys” to future of business computing.

XNI provides the following Virtualization services:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Security Virtualization
  • Networking Virtualization
  • High Availability
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