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Newspaper Delivery Solutions

Since 1981 our staff has been actively involved in changing how Distributors manage thier field operations. 

We were the pioneer of electronic mail transfer for Home Delivery operations. Our efforts have automated the entire communication process from manual systems to fully electronic mail.

Our solutions help relieve the chaos and stress of newspaper tracking and lowers operating cost for both the Publishers and Distributors. Our solutions allow any Publisher or any combination of Publishers to establish a Distributors database.

Our web-based solutions distribute and track all newspapers from the Publisher's shipping docks to the final delivery destinations. All web information such as customer status, and route lists are available via iPhone, Blackberry, eReaders, GPS or other web access cell phones.

We provide the following:

  • Home Delivery Management with Geo- map routing.
  • Customer Service Redelivery Tracking and Cellular Paging System.
  • Publisher data replication on the internet provided for Distributors.
  • Retail and Single Copy management.
  • Transportation tracking in the field.

Home Delivery and Retail Single Copy - Combined

Home Delivery and Retail Single Copy have been combined for Independent Delivery Contractors. The Publisher becomes 100% hands off. Independently contracted Distributors can now manage Home Delivery and Single Copy distribution with the same software product. The Contractor configures the software to operate Home Delivery or configures it to manage Retail Single Copy deliveries.

Our software allows for any combination of either or both disciplines. Those that manage both now have the advantage of summary reports that combine daily draw and return information into one report. Both disciplines are supported by the Distributors address router. Route Lists, including delivery instructions are maintained at the field distributor level. The system can actually combine Home Delivery and Single Copy deliveries on common carrier delivery lists.

Starts, Stops, Vac Packs, Complaints, Messages as well as Single Copy draw changes, returns, and invoicing are routed through our web based system and managed by the local distributor. The eXpert Networks program is compatible with most Publisher operating systems including (CJ/PBS).

Home Delivery Management System

The Home Delivery Management System is a software solution that tracks all the daily transactions from the Publisher or a collection of Publishers and ports the data to each Distributor. The data base management and processing of mail is reduced to a automated daily process. All route lists are updated and maintained automatically each day. The system provides all necessary reports for running your business, such as; current route lists, payroll, customer service tracking, and ABC audit reporting.

Information Parsing

XNI has a totally automated solution. The model is easy to set up and use. In a matter of days our system can be programmed to transfer you data. Our parsing engine takes ANY data from ANY publisher and organizes it into ANY deliverable format for ANY distributor based on their needs. The XNI PARSER receives FTP data and retransmits out on demand or scheduled to the distribution needs. Costs are predictable and tracked within the system. We are the glue to link every publisher with every distributor nationwide. There is no combination of information formats on either end of the data distribution stream that our software and network infrastructure can not handle.


Redelivery Tracking and Cellular Paging System

The Redelivery Tracking and Cellular paging system is a real time Message White Board (MWB).It can be integrated into the Home Delivery System.  It imports in real time all the daily calls from customers through Customer Service and posts them to an active web page and broadcasts them to the field for redelivery via text message. This page displays all calls with time called and reason for the call.. Each call on the page links to the exact customer and shows previous history in real time. The web page also calls and sends text messages to the redelivery staff sorted by zip code or route number. 

Publisher Data Replication on Internet for Distributors

 Publisher Data Replication is available on the Internet for access by the  Distributors – the Parser maintains an exact copy of the Publishers customer list on the internet by Distributor. This allows the Distributor to review what the Publisher has on it’s system. It also allows the Distributor to process changes which are e-mailed back to Customer Maintenance for corrections. This module lets the Distributor create their own complaints and messages to the carriers which show up on carrier mail top wraps each day. 

Carrier Payroll System

The Carrier Payroll system tracks all paper quantities, days delivered, inserts, service complaints, tips and Vacation Packs for payroll purposes. The module prints pay reports, exports to Excel and can transfer to QuickBooks for payroll deductions and final check processing. 

Retail and Single Copy Management System

The Retail and Single Copy Management system tracks all draws and sales of newspapers in racks and stores. It will support iControl and Nexxus invoice tracking. It produces the route lists, return sheets and optimizes draw control to match the Publishers return criteria. The system produces all necessary store invoicing reports, store statement reporting, company cost analysis and adjusts store and rack locations automatically. It integrates with Home Delivery as necessary. 

Transportation Tracking in the Field

Transportation Tracking in the field via the Web estimates truck times and sends shortage information back to the Transportation Department for secondary fulfillment. This is a website that allows the Distributors to enter shortage information and forward it  to the appropiate party for processing.

EZ Route-Delivery Optimizer

EZ Route is a GPS routing program that allows you to create carrier route boundries in very large geographis areas in a matter of minutes.  Once the route boundries have been created you can create auto generated delivery route lists  in the order that you choose to have the customers delivered.  When the route lists have been completed you will be able to determine the delivery expense for each route based on crieteria that you establish for each route (fuel cost, hourly rate for delivery, average miles per hour for deilvery, miles per gallon for carriers vehicle, shop prep time).

EZ Route also allows you to view individual or multiple routes to quickly identify routes that should be split or consolidated to better serve the subscriber as well as providing the tools to more effectively manage the Distribution Center.  Changes to these routes, including adjustments to route lists, can be accomplished quickly and effectively.


EZ Tracker - GPS Profiler

GPS tracking is provided by EZ TrackerEZ Tracker is a GPS transmitter and Server collection software that tracks your carriers and redelivery staff in real time.  The time stamps are gathered and applied to the appropriate addresses to backfill the database for route delivery order updates and redelivery staff location tracking during the daily redelivery window.  The time stamp data assists Customer Service by tracking the actual carrier delivery time.  If the Publishers deilivey truck is late EZ Tracker re-calculates route completion times based on the revised product arrival time. 

 EZ Tracker also provides TMC (total market coverage) solutions to validate deilveries, as well as confirm delivery times for each address on a carriers route.