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Information Parsing

Parsing - To analyze or separate data into more easily processed components.

The distribution of electronic information from the publisher down to the distributor and then to their carriers in a usable format in minutes from any publisher to any distributor in any format.

In today's world problems can clog the process of delivering your product to your consumers.

Current Clogs:

  • Labor costs are up
  • Gas & travel costs are up
  • The Customer is more sophisticated and demanding
  • Publishers needs to disseminate information quickly


  • There is a benefit to sharing the network of distributors
  • Distributors need to understand the information flow and use it
  • Distributors need to present information in a usable format to carriers
  • Tracking of quantities for billing and tracking is a priority
  • Time is money

XNI has a totally automated solution. The model is easy to set up and use. In a matter of days our system can be programmed to transfer you data. Our parsing engine takes ANY data from ANY publisher and organizes it into ANY deliverable format for ANY distributor based on their needs. The XNI PARSER receives FTP data and retransmits out on demand or scheduled to the distribution needs. Costs are predictable and tracked within the system. We are the glue to link every publisher with every distributor nationwide. There is no combination of information formats on either end of the data distribution stream that our software and network infrastructure can not handle.

XNI Parsing will:

  • Accept FTP data from any publisher 24 x 7
  • Repackage the publishers data as requested
  • Consolidate data with other publisher data for single file delivery
  • Package data per each distributor’s requirements
  • Deliver transactions any time of the day to distributors
  • Deliver current routes and mail via Home Delivery software to each carrier
  • Optional Remote Desktop to each distributor nationwide – 100% integrated
  • With above remote desktop, distributor can consolidate with local data
  • Match up with any distributor’s file format for delivery
  • Maintain complete backups of all transmittals for 30 days
  • Provide Web interface for:
  • Publisher data gathering and reporting
    • Distributor data tracking and reporting
    • Re-transmittals of daily transactions and ASL’s 24 x 7
    • Deliver consolidated Carrier Daily mail as a web report
    • Deliver consolidated Carrier Route lists as a web report (Optional)
    • Deliver consolidated Supervisor Summary as a web report (Optional)
    • Immediate ASL’s 24 x 7 (Optional)
  • Maintains current database of each publisher for “ON-DEMAND ASL’s”
  • System housed in Data Security facility – Network Operating Center (NOC)
  • 100% Enterprise Redundancy of Servers, Firewalls, Routers and Switches
  • 100% Redundant Power, batteries and diesel generators for backup power
  • 100% Physical Perimeter Security with hand scanners and guards
  • Secondary backup facility with duplication of primary NOC
  • Live Chat support and phone support
  • Remote Shadow Support 24 x 7
Pricing and Terms:

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